Facility Equipment

GE Innova 3100 Fluoroscopy Image-Guided System for cardiovascular and interventional imaging with 3D image capabilities.

GE OEC 9600 Elite Cardiac mobile C-Arm

Phillips iE33 Ultrasound Systems with transthoracic and transesophageal 3D image capabilities.

Siemens Seqouia 256 and 512 cardiac ultrasound with intracardiac, transthoracic and peripheral vascular capabilities.

Fully equipped operating suites. Each suite contains but is not limited to: Vigilance cardiac output monitor, multichannel (i.e. ECG, pressure,etc) monitors, defibrillator, cardio pulmonary bypass system, LED surgical lights with in-light HD camera, complete instrumentation for thoracic, abdominal, orthopedic, neurologic and other system surgical procedures.

Fully adjustable interventional and Trendelenberg surgical tables.

Sterilization capabilities: Amsco steam and ethylene oxide Autoclaves.

Complete Olympus endoscopic and Stryker laparoscopic systems.

In house validated computerized laboratory capabilities that includes but is not limited to: Bayer´s Advia 120 hemotology system enabled to perform total blood counts and differentials on more than 20 different animal species, Roche´s Integra 400+ chemistry analyzer enabled to perform over 150 separate serum chemical analyses on a single sample, Sysmex CA 1000 for coagulation profiles, Radiometer blood gas and electrolyte analyzer, and other support laboratory equipment(viz refrigeration centrifuge, automatic pipetters, calibrated scales, light and binocular microscopes etc.).